M40 Microply Vacuum Cleaner Bags – P5750

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vac-pac™ vacuum cleaner bags are made to the highest quality standard and meet manufacturer's demands for bag design, paper quality and filtration. Check the listings for supported vaccum cleaners for this model.
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To fit: Miele Allergy Control 600, Miele Allergy Control Plus S600, Miele Allergy Control S400, Miele Allergy Stop, Miele Allervac, Miele Amaranth, Miele Big Cat & Dog, Miele Black Jewel, Miele Blue Moon, Miele BMS 5210, Miele BMS 5211, Miele BMS 5280, Miele BMS 5310, Miele BMS 5360, Miele Brillant 4500, Miele Brillant 6600, Miele C3 Complete Turbo, Miele Cat & Dog, Miele Cat & Dog Max, Miele Electronic 4100, Miele Electronic 6100, Miele Elna Allergy Control, Miele Excel Human S 400, Miele Excel Human S 600, Miele Exquisit N, Miele Exquisit SE - S400, Miele Exquisit XE, Miele Finlandia, Miele Green Magic, Miele Hepa Filter, Miele Jubileum, Miele Medic Air Plus, Miele Medicair, Miele Medivac - S400, Miele Meteor BL, Miele Meteor BXL, Miele Meteor SE, Miele Meteor XL, Miele Mondia 1500, Miele Mondia D, Miele Mondia N, Miele Naturell, Miele Opal, Miele Parkett & Co, Miele Parquet & Co Plus, Miele Profi, Miele Revolution, Miele Revolution 600, Miele S 400i - S 499i, Miele S 5210, Miele S 5211, Miele S 5280 MedicAir, Miele S 5281 MedicAir, Miele S 5310 + SBB, Miele S 5311 + SBB, Miele S 5361, Miele S 5780 Total Care, Miele S 5781 Total Care, Miele S 600i - S 699i, Miele S 800i - S 899i, Miele S 812, Miele S 858, Miele Sapphire, Miele Senator LX, Miele Senator Plus, Miele Senator S, Miele Senator SE, Miele Silverstar S400, Miele Soft Silver, Miele Solution Plus, Miele Special Turbo, Miele White Pearl, Miele Wild Rose, Miele Bags Type G, Miele Bags Type N.
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Brand Vac-pac
Barcode 9415374060160
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