Ugears Pickup Lumberjack Wooden Model

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The Ugears Pickup Lumberjack is a working truck with a job to do, and that's hauling wood (or hay bales, or work tools-whatever you can imagine)!
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Based on the popular 1959 Chevrolet 3100, the DIY wooden model features a 1m x 7mm spring motor allowing the Pickup to travel up to 6 metres and haul loads of 400 – 450 g in the truck bed. The winding knob is stylized to resemble a custom open top air filter emerging from the hood. Lift the hood to reveal the beautiful V8 engine firing away!

The Pickup Lumberjack has 3 modes: R (Reverse), N (Neutral), D (Forward). The spring's energy is transferred to a gear set to increase the gear ratio, through the gearbox, then to the drive shaft, differential, and rear axle. A Start/Stop mechanism located in the truck bed allows you to start the truck on command. Because this is Ugears, and because we love to focus on the small, whimsical details that make a model exceptional, a small pendulum under the seats simulates the shaking of a truck's powerful engine. Bent plywood gives the model beautiful lines and 1950's styling. The Pickup's doors open from inside and outside, and the tailgate folds down. The front wheels can be turned using the steering wheel and locked in place for graceful turns. The Pickup Lumberjack also features front and rear spring suspension so you don't get bounced around too much on those country roads.

Take a journey back in time, into the woods, with the Pickup Lumberjack from Ugears. The sun is up. The mist has cleared, leaving drops of dew on the forest's carpet of moss and ferns. You've had a big breakfast of pancakes, eggs and bacon—what they call the "lumberjack special" at the diner in town. You're ready to work, and so is your dependable Chevy truck. You find the old logging road at the forest's edge and follow the twin tracks into the dark green heart of the woods. Your muscles are still sore from yesterday's labours, your shin is a bit banged up from where the log hit it, but your body is electric, craving physical labour. You are strong, confident and happy in a way that only people who work outdoors know.

You pull off the road, back the truck closer to the stand of beech trees and offload your gear. Birdsong and the whir of insects fills your ears. The humid aroma of plants, loamy earth, and the gasoline smell that hangs around the truck gladdens your heart. You check the oil in the saw. Good to go. Three strong pulls and it fires up. Before the sun is overhead the bed of your Pickup Lumberjack is stacked high with cut logs. You drive back the way you came, along the only road into these woods—the road you and your trusty truck know so well.

The Pickup Lumberjack model kit has 460 pieces, is rated "Advanced" difficulty, and will provide 8+ hours of fun during assembly. If you love trucks, check out the Heavy Boy Truck VM-03 long hauler with Trailer, the vintage Truck UGM-11 with its set of additions, or the standalone Tanker or Fire Truck.

The Ugears Pickup Lumberjack will appeal to truck lovers (especially Chevy fans!), fans of retro automotive design and 1950's style, model building hobbyists, people who love to work with their hands, and anyone who appreciates outstanding design or a DIY challenge.
  • Model size: 316 x 138 x 118mm
  • Number of components: 460
  • Assembly time: 8 hours
  • Difficulty level: Advanced
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