Vacpac Vacuum Cleaner Bags – P5000

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vac-pac™ vacuum cleaner bags are made to the highest quality standard and meet manufacturer's demands for bag design, paper quality and filtration. Check the listings for supported vaccum cleaners for this model.
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To fit: AEG 5030, AEG 5040, AEG 5080, AEG CE Azuro, AEG CE 1700, AEG CE 1800 Comfort, AEG CE 220, AEG CE 5.1700, AEG CE 700, AEG CE 950 Ecotec, AEG CE Azuro, AEG CE Compact, AEG CE Jubilee, AEG CE Mega Power, AEG CE Power Star, AEG CE Power Trio, AEG CE Power!, AEG CE PowerLine, AEG CE PowerStar, AEG CE PowerTrio, AEG Comfort, AEG Comfort Electronic Eye, AEG Compact, AEG Croma, AEG Duo, AEG E 150. AEG E 160, AEG E 1700 Plus, AEG E 180, AEG E 185, AEG E 190, AEG Exquisit 1201, AEG Exquisit 1202, AEG Exquisit 1400, AEG Exquisit 1500, AEG Exquisit 200, AEG Exquisit 217, AEG Exquisit 500, AEG Exqusit 1201, AEG Exqusit 1202, AEG Exqusit 1400, AEG Exqusit 1500, AEG Exqusit 200, AEG Exqusit 217, AEG Exqusit 500, AEG Freshline, AEG Lemon, AEG Mega Power 2, AEG Parketto, AEG Power Star, AEG Red Zac, AEG Rosso, AEG SCE 0, AEG Sun, AEG T2, AEG Vampyr 1500, AEG Vampyr 1600, AEG Vampyr 1605, AEG Vampyr 1700E, AEG Vampyr 1804, AEG Vampyr 1805, AEG Vampyr 400 Series, AEG Vampyr 4000 - 5999, AEG Vampyr 5000 - 5999, AEG Vampyr CE 200 - CE 299, AEG Vampyr CE 2000 - CE 2999, AEG Vampyr CE 660, AEG Vampyr CE T2, AEG Vampyr T2, AEG Bags GR. 28.
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Brand Vac-pac
Barcode 9415374036820
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